-Salta City-

Cabildo de Salta

The Cabildo de Salta (current Historical Museum of the North) is a colonial building of the City of Salta , Argentina , seat of the authorities from 1626 to 1888, rebuilt in 1676 by Captain Diego Vélez de Alcocer. Construction of the current building began around 1780 under the direction of Colonel Milicias and Field Master Don Antonio de Figueroa and Mendoza (and Suarez de Cabrera). Its tower was erected several years later. The Cabildo lodged the police and the headquarters of the Government House until 1880. Nine years later, during the government of Dr. Martin G. Güemes, was sold in public auction to individuals, being occupied by owners, tenants, business premises as “Casa Villagran” and hotel. Later it was partially demolished: the chapter room disappeared, three arches of the ground floor and four of the high one.

In 1945 it was restored by the architect Mario Buschiazzo , who also participated in the reconstruction of the original image of the Cabildo of Buenos Aires and the Historical House of Independence . It is the most complete and best preserved chapter of Argentina .

At the moment it is soothes of two museums inside: of the Historical Museum of the North in the ground floor and the Colonial Museum and of Beautiful Arts in the high plant.

On January 9, 1937 , the city council of Salta was declared National Historic Monument by Law 12345 of the Executive Power of the Nation.

It was in this building where Manuel Belgrano , after winning the Battle of Salta on February 20, 1813, appointed Eustoquio Díaz Vélez, the military governor of the province of Salta, placing the Argentine flag for the first time on the cabildo’s balcony and the trophies Proxies of the realists in his chapter room.