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Heritages and Museums 

Museo Güemes is Full of visual and sound stimuli, the Museum proposes a tour of the history of General Martín Miguel de Güemes and the emancipating gesture in a didactic, unique and innovative way.

The Cabildo de Salta (current Historical Museum of the North) is a colonial building of the City of Salta , Argentina , seat of the authorities from 1626 to 1888, rebuilt in 1676 by Captain Diego Vélez de Alcocer…

Museum of Anthropology in Salta Contemporary structure housing exhibits on regional archaeological finds, including pottery & art. Address: Ejército del Norte y Ricardo Solá s/n, 4400 Salta Capital, Salta, Argentina

Archaeological museum exhibiting bodies of cryopreserved children, mummified in an Incan ritual. Address: Bartolomé Mitre 77, A4400EHA Salta Capital, Salta, Argentina. Phone: +54 387 437-0591

President Jose E. Uriburu Museum is a simple house built in the second half of the 18th century on Calle Real or San Francisco. It belonged to Don José Fermin de Zabala and is a typical example of the architecture of the colonial period.

Museo Pajcha Arte Etnico this eye-opening private museum is a must-see if you’re interested in indigenous art and culture. Juxtaposing archaeological finds with contemporary and recent artisanal work from all over Latin America in a series of sumptuously realized displays, it takes an encouragingly broad view of Andean culture and beyond.

Museum of Fine Arts in Salta Museum in a restored mansion featuring South American art from the 1700s to the contemporary era. Address: Av. Belgrano 992, A4400AWU Salta Capital, Salta, Argentina. Phone: +54 387 422-1745